Feng Shui and Money

By Master Chuan

Many people often ask me to help them to improve their wealth by doing Feng Shui such that they can make a lot of money or they can win lots of money through lottery or gambling. However, when we do Feng Shui, there are several factors that we need to consider in order to increase the money luck for a person.

As a priority, we would generally activate the wealth sector of the house or office. However, not all wealth sectors can be activated. Sometimes, based on calculation, the wealth sector may be located at places where it is impossible to activate, for example, when the wealth sector is located at a narrow pathway or at an entrance area, then it’s not easy to place any items to activate the wealth. Another example is in the modern apartment design, many apartments are built with full length glass to be their windows. If your wealth sector happened to be at the corner where the full length glass is, then it’s very hard to have huge effect even if you try to activate the wealth sector as the glass wall will dissipate the accumulation of Qi very quickly.

So what can we do when our wealth sector is not able to be activated? In these cases, then we will need to apply other formulas and theory to help to activate the wealth of a house. We have various techniques like the “Five Ghost Carry Treasures”, Yi Jing Feng Shui, Da Gua Feng Shui, etc. Each has it’s own merits and weaknesses and sometimes in certain situations it is not applicable. Therefore as a good Feng Shui Master, one must know when to apply what method and how to resolve some of the issues I mentioned above.

The next part is one area that many Feng Shui practitioners failed to consider. When we talk about money, many people only consider about making more money. However, there are total of five important factors about money that we would need to consider too.

These are

1. Making money

2. Ask for money

3. Receive money

4. Manage money

5. Keeping money

After making the money we want, we must be able to ask for the money that we deserve and ask for the price that is fair for ourselves. Some people really find it hard to ask others to pay them the price they want. Very often, these people will either automatically give discounts or automatically give free services or free products to customers even when customers did not ask for them. Asking for money is a reflection of the “worthiness” of one self.

After we ask for money, we must also need to be able to receive the money. Ask yourself, how many times have you fight to pay for the lunch that you had with your friends? Or when someone bought you a gift, you feel that you have to buy a gift in return? Or when your customer give you a bonus for a good job done, you profusely refuse to receive the bonus? We need to be at peace with all these situations in order to receive gracefully. Receiving is different from taking advantage of others or demanding more from others. Here, I’m referring to allowing others to give to you and not forcing or demanding others to give to you. This part has to work on the personality level of a person and only when the self-esteem of a person is properly balanced, then a person can receive easily and gracefully.

The next part is to manage money. There is no Feng Shui fix for managing money. It has to be coming directly from the person. Management of money comes with the habits, knowledge, and understanding about money. These are skills that we need to educate oneself and many people are really bad at managing their money. In order to manage money well, we first need to release our negative beliefs about our ability to manage money and the negative beliefs associated with managing money. One of my client told me that he dared not look at his bank account on a regular basis as he does not want to see the low balance in his account. So he basically does not know how much he has and how much he owes. Another client mixed her personal money together with her business money and often use her own personal money to fill up the gap in her business. All I did was to tell her to put 40% of her profit every month to her personal account and leave the other 60% for her business and she should keep these money in different accounts. We also did some sessions of Emotional Healing to help her to change her beliefs about managing money. After doing that, she started to really see her own personal wealth building up and she started to make sound financial decisions for her business.

The last factor is to be able to keep money. Keeping money is to plan part of your money for your future old age and even in the situation where you pass away. Many of my clients never think about what will happen to their loved ones (financially) after they passed on. Did they keep some money for their own funeral? Did they leave some money for their children or spouse of siblings? How are their dependents going to survive without their income? For business owners, did you keep a reserve for your business in case you are hit by a recession? When your cash flow is in the red, do you have any emergency cash in hand to keep you afloat? How long can you last if such incidents happen? One of my client is constantly borrowing money from banks and his friends (short term loans) to keep his business afloat. I helped him to identify his own pattern and did some Emotional Healing and helped him to be more balanced towards keeping his money aside for emergency situations. In the past, he felt very uncomfortable when he knows that he is not putting 100% of his money towards his business expansion, but after the Emotional healing session, he started to see the need to put his money aside and balance his business financial health instead of chasing after the expansion of his business. Today he no longer need to keep taking short term loans from different sources.

In order to have a healthy Money Consciousness, we not only need to use Feng Shui to improve our wealth, we need to balance ourselves towards the various factors about money which I’ve mentioned above. Only when we are balanced emotionally, then we can have a healthy financial status.

By Master Chuan Feng Shui Consultant Chuan Consultancy Tel: 98188981 Email: enquiry@chuanonline.com Website: www.chuanonline.com

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