The power of pictures in Feng Shui

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

By Master Chuan

When I visit my clients, I often see many of them like to display pictures around the house. Pictures carry strong energy with them just like those ornaments that you purchase from the Feng Shui shops. Normally, as a rule, we try to display pictures that are auspicious and has a wholesome feel and meaning. Pictures that are too abstract may result in negative energies which will affect the luck and well being of the occupants.

For example, this picture has several fish in there but at one glance, the fishes looked like they do not have meat on them. They looked starved and unhealthy. When we display any pictures, they create a symbolism for the sector which they are present. Whatever the picture look like, it will reflect the issues for that sector. So for this client, the picture was displayed at his East sector of his general office. Thus I predicted that his projects are not doing well and his people are having a hard time trying keep the projects running (fish are skinny and lack nutrients).

Sometimes people like to put pictures that are too abstract and has very negative meanings attached to them. Like the picture below, it looks like a man in suit without head. This can symbolize lost of directions (or lack of leadership), or even accidents towards the head in certain years. In this case the picture was placed in the South direction of the house and in that year, the owner actually lost his job as a General Manager of a big corporation. The picture looks like the head of the person has been cut off by the black line.

The pictures that we place at home should always have complete human parts, and regular looking body parts. We should not place pictures that contain disproportioned body parts.

We should always use pictures that makes you feel complete or relaxed or comfortable.

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